6 Oct

Olympic facilities @ Hamble

Olympic facilities @ Hamble

The Borough of Eastleigh is set to benefit from Olympic standard training facilities with the extension of gym facilities at a borough secondary school following planning approval by the County Council for this major building project.

Hamble Community Sports College will benefit from exciting plans that have been funded by Eastleigh Borough Council, British Gymnastics and Dynamo School of Gymnastics who are based at the site. The scheme will also enable the facility to play host to an Olympic team in the run up to the 2012 Olympics.

The project includes a two-storey extension that will include an extended vault run-off area and a separate tumbling area which can be used by pre-school children, providing a safe and separate place for children and families to use. A viewing gallery that will provide a location for coaches to train as well as a spectator facility for the local community to use will also be included in the project. The extension will also be open for use by the wider community when not needed for the College curriculum or Gymnastic training.

Eastleigh Borough Council Leader Keith House commented, “As the main local funder we have been proud to work with Dynamo School of Gymnastics to create their centre of excellence for gymnastics at Hamble and are really enthusiastic to extend and expand the gym”.

The scheme is the result of a successful bid by the Dynamo School of Gymnastics for funding from British Gymnastics to provide enhanced gym facilities at the College so that it may be used as a pre Olympic Games training facility by one of the international teams.

British Gymnastics pledged £220,000 to the scheme along with a grant of £157,000 from Eastleigh Borough Council and the remainder shared by the College and Dynamo Gymnastics who are contributing £40,000 and £41,000 respectively.

Works will begin in November 2011 to ensure the facilities are completed and ready in good time for the Olympics.


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